We service most consumer electronic equipment including televisions, vcrs and stereos. We will service in home but prefer to work in shop in order to repair the component level rather than replacing circuit boards thereby reducing cost and also where parts are not available or where parts are so expensive they would make the repair uneconomical. In addition when tvs are brought into the shop by the customer they save a service call which further reduces the cost of the repair.

When calling to discuss the problem you are experiencing or in order to get a preliminary estimate please please have the brand and model number discuss the problem you are experiencing with your tv. If I am out of the office please leave the information on the answering machine and I will call back as soon as possible.

On the contact page you will find my phone number and email address to contact me for further information. I also have manufacturers phone number and email address of most Manufacturers so you can contact them directly. There will be contacts for most information you need to get owner mauanl, operational assistance and software to download for upgrading your tv is necessary. If you have any trouble getting this information please call me for assistance. Also please leave a message on the answering machine if I am out and I will return your call as soon as possible.

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